Time-sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS) offers researchers the opportunity to capture the internal validity of experiments while also realizing the benefits of working with a large, diverse population of research participants.

Investigators submit proposals for experiments, and TESS fields successful proposals for free on a representative sample of adults in the United States using NORC's AmeriSpeak® Panel, a probability-based and highly-respected representative survey platform.

The current principal investigators of TESS are Maureen Craig (Duke University), James Druckman (University of Rochester), and Jeremy Freese (Stanford University). The Managing Principal Investigator is Hannah Hamilton (University of Chicago). TESS was started by Arthur Lupia (University of Michigan) and Diana Mutz (University of Pennsylvania).

TESS is funded by the National Science Foundation (SES-2017581).


2024 Lupia-Mutz Outstanding Publication Award

TESS invites nominations for the Lupia-Mutz Outstanding Publication Award.

The award, named for TESS’s founding principal investigators, recognizes the “best” publication that uses TESS data that is published (in print or on-line/early view) in 2022, 2023, or the first half of 2024. The publication can use either primary or secondary TESS data, and it can either use TESS data exclusively or along with other data.

To be considered, send the publication to jdruckma@ur.rochester.edu by July 1, 2024. Self-nominations are encouraged, as are publications from all fields and career stages of TESS users. Previously nominated publications also are welcome. (There is no need for a nomination letter; just submitting the publication suffices.)

A committee consisting of the TESS principal investigators and Associate principal investigators will choose the winner(s) by August 1, 2024. In addition to our accolades, the award comes with $500 (split between winners if multiple winners are chosen).